Thatching Services

Makuti Roofing Solutions Makuti Thatcher offers a range of thatching services, catering for all roof types, including gazebos, well tops, porches, and sheds; we offer the complete thatching service for your home! Being based in Nairobi, we have built a high reputation for being a leading team of Makuti Thatchers, providing our services to homes, barns, summer houses, pubs and other commercial roofings.


The ridge of a thatched property will not last as long as the main coat and will need replacing every 10-15 years. Wheat straw or sometimes Sedge Grass is used due to its pliable nature.


As a thatch nears the end of its life it will start to leak in places. To extend the life of a coat a patch can often be used. However, if patches are needed in the most cases it mean a complete re-thatch will be required and so patching should only ever be looked upon as a short-term rather than permanent solution.

We take the time in understanding our customers full thatching requirements, giving their property new life! If you require further information on our thatch roofing services in Nairobi, Maasai mara, Nakuru, Kisumu or Kenya in Genaral please contact us here or call now on +254 701706 781.